Donnerstag: REAPER + Playtime/ReaLearn 25.05.2023

Donnerstag, 25.5.2023, 20 Uhr @c3d2 HQ


Introduction to the DAW (Digital Work Station) Reaper with Steffen Koritsch (

Creative Commons Lizenz: Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

Steffen talks about the basics of the audio editing program Reaper ( which is more than a normal DAW. The program is gaining more and more users in the professional field, for example for the realization of multi-channel installations and performances. The entry-level friendly pricing makes it interesting for beginners as well. The program runs on Windows 64-bit, macOS 10.15+ and Linux x86_64.


Insight into the development of the Reaper extensions "ReaLearn" and other projects with Benjamin Klum aka Helgoboss (

Creative Commons Lizenz: Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

One of the special features of Reaper is the possibility to provide the program with additional functions. Benjamin has been developing new approaches to live use and new ways of integrating MIDI controllers for years. In his talk he invites us to a look into his programming activities.


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