About the Association

At METAKNOTEN and its surroundings bring together people who are engaged in various forms of independent production of music through electronics. Although there is a distinctive landscape of clubs, DJ's and producers in the field of electronic music in Dresden, the founders of the association saw a gap. METAKNOTEN is an umbrella for all actors who are not only interested in dance music and the consuming part of this scene. In very different forms, the actors are engaged in the active development and construction of new musical instruments and video systems, programming and modifying software, expanding the functions of devices, etc.. METAKNOTEN sees further potential for improvement in reducing the distance of decision makers in established institutions to new digital art forms. From the point of view of the newly organizing group, this results in an overpresence of conventional analog art forms. METAKNOTEN sees the great necessity for Dresden to network different local actors in the field of digital art and to make them visible. In doing so, it is equally important to enter into conversation on an institutional level as well as to invite unorganized "free spirits" who can bring an incredible amount of expertise to the table. The perhaps not only for Dresden typical isolation of local actors should be overcome, so that e.g. academic knowledge can become accessible for interested laymen, but also professional structures can learn from unconventional individual positions. The openness of this invitation should also be reflected in the content of the planned formats. It is deliberately not about the flawless presentation of commercially successful technical products or agency-like services, but about questions of function, meaningfulness, openness, (planned) obsolescence and sustainability. The open source idea should not only be reflected in software, but should be a lived principle of sharing knowledge and making it accessible.


Naturally, the roles of research, experimentation and artistic expression merge. Scientists work hand in hand with studied artists, engineers meet autodidacts and hobby artists. Topics such as the sustainable use of resources, the questioning of closed consumer electronics products, free access to knowledge, recycling, accessibility and new forms of contemporary art are part of the international phenomenon of the maker scene. All over the world, people with different cultural and professional backgrounds meet to become active together. METAKNOTEN sees itself as part of this movement and also wants to live the internationality of the phenomenon. An essential tool to shape contemporary production methods of digital art in a sustainable way is to address the upcoming young generation. In workshops and exhibitions at unconventional locations, young people grow into the culture of do-it-yourself in a very natural way. Based on their own curiosity and in a protected space together with interested people of the same age, the young people learn from and with each other in a practical way. Thanks to the many years of experience of the members of the METAKNOTEN association, you can see teenagers in the workshops who began soldering and building together as early as 8 years old. Collaborative situations arise across generations, families and circles of friends.