Donnerstag: Bespoke Synth 30.03.2023

Event series for knowledge transfer and presentation of electronic music and media art.

The event series is an exchange platform for knowledge from the subject areas of experimental/unconventional music, music production/music reception, audio technology and self-organization. Using practical examples, actors demonstrate different approaches to music production, composition and presentation. The series deliberately does not see itself as a guide to working in the music business in the sense of monetary profitability, but wants to illuminate particularities, uniqueness, which otherwise often remain invisible. Thus, the series shows a picture of a diverse cultural landscape off the beaten track. Since language has to be found for complex technical and musical conditions, the series demands careful moderation and patience on the part of the makers and the listeners. The basis of the exchange about the projects is an appreciative attitude towards the performance of others as well as towards one's own work. Taking oneself seriously in the specialness and appreciating it. The events are a shelter for still unfinished ideas and approaches as an offer to dock, to reflect and to copy.

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