Circuit Control Festival 2022

Circuit Control is the festival for the creative use of the soldering iron. In recent years, the idea has developed into a multimedia happening with international participants. Besides music, art and programming, the focus is still on sharing knowledge and DIY culture. Furthermore, the festival offers a networking platform for an international maker scene.

This year the festival will take place from 04-08.09.2023

CC2K22 - CircuitControl2022 @ Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz from enric socias on Vimeo.

Review of the festival 2021

On the occasion of the festival's 10th anniversary, the Circuit Control Podcast introduces various guests of the Soldering Festival at the Dresden Media Culture Center at Kraftwerk Mitte. Musicians:inside and guests talk about their unusual work and interests. Each episode contains a live recording of a concert or studio session from August 2021. Circuit Control participants came from Germany, Austria, England, Holland, Spain, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. Among them were artists, musicians, programmers, engineers and above all a lot of free spirits. Cooperation partners:innen 2021 included the SGMK (Swiss Society for Mechatronic Art), the Konglomerat e.V.. Coloradio Dresden and the Medienkulturzentrum.

Download: Circuit Control Festival 2021 podcast bei
Interviews: Konrad Behr & Nils Weishaupt
Editing & production: Konrad Behr


  1. The team introduce themselves.
    Here you can find a collection of interviews from the first edition of the festival in 2011:
  2. Guest: Alwin Weber aka Störenfried (, Dresden)
    The team talks to the co-initiator of the festival about the beginnings and the development over the last 10 years.
    Music: Störenfried live @ Circuit Control 2021
  3. Guest: Ben aka George Lazenbleep (, UK)
    Nils in conversation with the British veteran of the festival
    Music: George Lazenbleep live @ Circuit Control 2021
  4. Guest: Claude aka FlipFloater (, Switzerland)
    Konrad lets explain FlipFloater's working method and technique.
    Music: FlipFloater live in the studio of the MKZ
  5. Guests: kids soldering in the outdoor area of the Kraftwerk Mitte
    The youngest festival participants describe which device they are soldering together.
    Music: Al Magnifico & Nils Drums live Jam in the studio of the MKZ
  6. Guests: Manuel & Gregor (, Dresden)
    The lecturers Manuel & Gregor talk about the motivation for their lecture and the background of their work in electroacoustics.
    Music: George Lazenbleep & Nils live jam in the MKZ studio
  7. Guests: Johannes Fritzsche (, Dresden) & Wolfgang Doringer aka The Smiling Buddhas (, Austria)
    Johannes and Wolfgang talk to Konrad about the festival, cultural politics and gender equality.
    Music: The Smiling Buddhas live @ Circuit Control 2021
  8. Guest: Ralf Sauter (klangbaukö, Cologne)
    Ralf and Konrad talk about the history of electronic music studios, artificial intelligence and the devices of Klangbauköln
    Music: Ralf Sauter live @ Circuit Control 2021
  9. Guests: SBZ (, Dresden)
    SBZ talk to Konrad about how the festival has influenced their production style as well as what strategies they have found as musicians to find unusual venues to perform during the pandemic
    Music: SBZ live outside at Kraftwerk Mitte @ Circuit Control 2021
  10. Guests: Emma & Ivan (Blac Blob, Berlin)
    Emma & Ivan Describing their unusual intruments.
    Music: Emma & Ivan live in the studio of the MKZ
  11. Guest: jungs trauma (, Dresden)
    A conversation about people, painting and machines
    Music: jungs trauma live in the studio of the MKZ
  12. podcast release party February 10th, 2022 @ Medienkunlturzentrum Dresden
    Music: Konrad Behr, Störenfried, jungs trauma, George Lazenbleep live from London

Video of the podcast release stream @ Medienkulturzentrum

Remastered video of the live stream February 12th 2022, Medienkulturzentrum Kraftwerk Mitte Dresden


  1. Konrad Behr
  2. StöRenFrieD
  3. Jungs Trauma
  4. Lazenbleep - live from grandma's house