Wrongconcerts + METAKNOTEN präsentiert

Samstag 13.05. | 20:00 Uhr



This instrument consists of a powerful plasma speaker developing around 50Kv electrical arc producing the sound between two electrodes. It’s basically a high voltage modular synthesizer with audio, gate and cv input, all in double, allowing to control the device by sequencer and oscillators. The arc functions as an electrical string with tuning settings, making harmonics and resonances, some kind of high voltage lutherie. The magnetic disturbances it produces are huge, it can disturb any electronic devices around, and it gives the possibility to add several magnetic sensors to enrich the spectrum of the sound and to make it sound like a evil harsh synth.


Die Wrackis sind schon seit einigen Jahren unsere treuen Wegbegleiter*innen, sei es beim teilen einer Bühne oder beim Trinken von Bier. Wir haben sie schon gebucht, bevor es uns gab. Beim dem ganzen Hören von Musik kommt einem selten so ein gutes Songwriting unter die Ohren, dazu ein Trotzen jeglicher Konventionen und eine äußerst energetische und facettenreiche Stimme.

Panne Kaputt Drama

Entstanden aus den Trümmern der Provinz, dem Verfall der Gesellschaft und den Gassen Berlins steht seit kurzem dieses freshe Trio auf der Matte. Panne Kaputt Drama haben mal eben ihr erstes Album gedropt und sind sofort in den Top 5 der Wrong Charts gelandet und haben bereits mehrere Golden Wronngies gewonnen. Wir sind auf die Live Show gespannt, wird eine ihrer ersten.

555 Bugs

In 555 bugs, Maria uses found objects and self build electro-acoustic instruments to create a landscape where elementary materials find new meanings in spontaneous connections between each other. They interact, move, resonate and produce tiny sounds: rustling, crunching, squeaking, cracking. Objects become something else, specific sonic creatures with their own qualities. The seeming primitivity and repetitiveness of the soundscape brings the listener into a world of menthol buzzers, one-eye sirens, lemon tadpoles, ginger tigers, plastic bugs and other insects.

Feedback Fred

An essential figure is Feedback Fred. This character, equipped with an oversized loudspeaker box on his back and a microphone-mask, “feeds back“ his own voice through the interaction of his wearable PA system and physical gyrations throughout the performance space. This personality can be likened to a cross-cloning of Hamlet and an electronic-laden Hunchback of Notre Dame. Known as a performer (recently at the Digital Arts Week in Zurich and VERSCH Festival in Amsterdam) he is actually a social fellow trying to interact with casual acquaintances and everyday encounters, like most of us he only wants friendship and love — were it not for his inborn handicap.