CNC Einführung (with Fusion 360)

Samstag 07.05. | 15:00 – 19:00 Uhr

Fernando Bravo


CNC Course Introduction After completing the course you will acquire the basic skills needed to start developing your desired 3D CAD project in Fusion 360, through learning how to:

  • Create sketches (technical drawings) on 3D work planes using simple tools, such as lines, rectangles, and constraints.
  • Build 3D models with parametric techniques that enable extruding, splitting and combining bodies.
  • Run a CNC machining simulation within Fusion 360.
  • Plus: We will also try to do a milling test on the Sailormoon (CNC machine at Konglomerat).


Achtung: Der Kurs ist am sinnvollsten wenn möglichst viele Teilnehmer einen Laptop mit vorinstalliertem Fusion 360 (Gratis für Heimanwender) mitbringen.